BAE Systems Supports “Forward New Hampshire” Project and Initiatives

PHS client BAE Systems, New Hampshire’s largest manufacturer, today added its strong support to the revised Northern Pass hydroelectric energy transmission project, “Forward NH Plan.” The Forward NH plan was revealed this morning by Eversource Energy executives.

BAE Systems is a leader on energy policy in New Hampshire, New England, and beyond. The company continues to advocate for a balanced approach to development and expansion of our region’s energy infrastructure to help bring low-cost, reliable supplies of energy onto the New England grid.

In a statement, Paul Markwardt, VP and Deputy GM of Nashua-based BAE Systems Electronic Systems, said “BAE Systems believes that we must take action now to lower electricity costs and bring more reliable, affordable supplies of power onto the regional grid for New Hampshire’s economy to remain competitive and growing. The ‘Forward NH’ Plan proposes to balance the energy deficit in New England by delivering clean, renewable, hydroelectric power to New Hampshire and the region while addressing environmental impact concerns. Equally important, the project promises to provide unmistakably clear benefits to New Hampshire by bringing low-cost electricity directly to the state’s residents and businesses, creating hundreds of jobs, and providing millions in tax revenue to local communities. We look forward to a thorough, fact-based review of the updated project, and urge regulators at all levels of government to act in a fair and timely manner. New Hampshire citizens and businesses cannot afford to wait any longer for action.”

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