PHS President Dave Cuzzi “Fiscal Cliff” Column Featured in NH High Tech Council Newsletter

When the NH High Tech Council needed a thought leader on policy matters impacting the state’s technology sector to write about the impact of the impending “fiscal cliff” in their latest newsletter, they turned to PHS President Dave Cuzzi.

PHS Article NHHTC Nov-Dec 2012 Newsletter

PHS President David Cuzzi:

History shows that when defense spending is reduced, funding for research and development is hardest hit. The impact is not strictly financial, as the ability to maintain the intellectual capacity to innovate also suffers. Without the funding and the brainpower, our capabilities in critical security areas—manned and unmanned aircraft, cyber security, ships and subs,

and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance— will erode. Research and development efforts lead to production and maintenance funding. If the “fiscal cliff” and accompanying sequestration cuts become reality, our nation’s ability to develop and field more affordable software and hardware solutions, which better protect our nation, our allies, and our servicemen and servicewomen, will be severely diminished.

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